Konnan Explains Why He Decided To Book Controversial Former WWE Champion For AAA Show

(Photo Credit: AAA)

Alberto El Patron is a controversial figure.

This hasn’t stopped Konnan from booking the former WWE Superstar known as Alberto Del Rio for an upcoming AAA event.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, the Mexican pro wrestling legend and former nWo member spoke about his decision to book El Patron for the show.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On how Alberto El Patron has had a troubled past: “I correlate him with Trump. I think a lot of the things that Trump did were impeachable and he should have gone to jail or court or something. And he’d always gotten away with murder, right? I don’t know if he did it or if he didn’t do it. Now, I don’t know what happened between him and Saraya, only they know. Obviously it wasn’t anything good because it was a bitter separation. But he’s got to live, bro, with that stigma for the rest of his life. And I’ll give you an example. He told me that he had to move from his neighborhood because the other parents’ kids, they didn’t want to play with his kids. Everywhere he goes… He was like a hero in Mexico. And he went from a hero to a zero. Bro, you got to live with that, okay?”

On why he decided to book El Patron: “Now, how long do I keep punishing him? He’s been out of the business two or three years. I spoke to him and he’s told me he’s changed. He sent me pictures of him in Christmas. He knows that we’re taking a big chance on him, and he’s under a microscope and a magnifying glass at the same time. We’re giving him another chance. Everybody deserves another chance because I can guarantee you, all these virtue signalers, and all these guys that like to talk about how everybody should be nice and equal, they’re the biggest bullies. How long should he pay? Because I know for sure, you’ve done something in the last few years that you’d be embarrassed if people found out about, and everybody else is okay, but we bully on this guy because he is a public figure.”

On how if El Patron messes up he’ll never book him again: ‘These people that have not gone to prison. Obviously, they’re in the prison of public opinion, and obviously, he was under substance abuse. He no longer is, according to him. And he says he’s a changed man. I say let’s give him a chance. If he f***s up, he’ll never work with me again. But go ahead.”

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