Konnan Reacts to Dragon Lee’s Decision to Sign With WWE

At the AAA Noche de Campeones event on December 28, Dragon Lee made the announcement that he would be joining WWE.

It has been said that Lee will start his training at some point this month at the WWE Performance Center. During an episode of his Keepin’ It 100 show, AAA booker Konnan discussed Lee’s decision to join WWE.

“He just asked me questions and I just gave him advice. I didn’t give him advice on where to sign. He did bring up the fact, and Bandido was in the same dilemma, he wasn’t sure whether to go to WWE or AEW, but Dragon Lee was more like, ‘there are so many people there, I’m just going to get stuck in the fucking….I’m just going to go to WWE.’ He will blow everybody away. I don’t see them all (in WWE) and I don’t see it every week, but the last time I watched, which was maybe two or three months ago, there is nobody on his level there (in NXT).”

(h/t to Fightful for the transcription)