Kurt Angle Calls His Milk Truck Segment As The Highlight Of His WWE Career

(Photo Credit: Kurt Angle Instagram)

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle may be one of WWE’s most decorated champions, but nothing beats his iconic ‘Milk Truck’ segment from 2001.

During Angle’s battle with the WCW/ECW Alliance on the August 20, 2001 episode of RAW, Angle drove to the ring and sprayed the faction with milk.

When asked about his favorite moment in his career on his podcast, Angle didn’t hesitate to mention dousing The Alliance in milk.

He stated, “I’m going to tell you this right now. It wasn’t a wrestling segment. It was the milk truck!

“Dousing down ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Stephanie McMahon with milk, and The Alliance, it was the best feeling in the world. I was on cloud nine that night.”

“It was one of those things – you remember when Austin did the beer truck? It was the same thing. It was an incredible moment, and the great thing was it was tied to ‘Stone Cold.’”

While Angle would later join The Alliance, he would be revealed as the WWF’s mole at Survivor Series, costing The Alliance the ‘Winner Takes All’ match.

Last December, Angle and fellow Olympian Gable Steveson recreated the scene by spraying American Alpha.

You can check out the show below: