Kurt Angle Discusses Daniel Bryan Possibly Wrestling Again

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle did a Q&A during an appearance at iPlay America in Freehold, New Jersey over the weekend. Here are some highlights (transcript courtesy of The Wrestling eState):

Daniel Bryan possibly wrestling again:

“Is there a possibility of him wrestling? Maybe, I hope so. I feel bad that he took it personally that I was able to wrestle. He wasn’t mad or upset; he just couldn’t understand how they passed me but not him, but they were two different things.”

Team Angle:

“The crazy thing about that is because I broke my neck, that whole faction never had a chance. I wish we could have done it for a few years. I didn’t really get to know Shelton and Charlie that well. The faction only lasted six months. It was horrible. It really sucks because we could have done a great job with Team Angle. “They were both incredible and I take part of the blame for them not growing the way they could have as wrestlers. I know Shelton kind of broke out and got a little bit bigger than Charlie, but they should have had much better careers and I take part of the blame for that.”