Kurt Angle On Roman Reigns’ Battle With Leukemia, WWE Evolution

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle took part in another fan Q&A on his Facebook page. Here are the highlights.

Which match he’s excited to see at WWE Evolution:

“For many reasons I’m looking forward to Ronda vs Nikki. To see how their chemistry is. To see if Nikki can keep up with Ronda since Nikki has been gone for a while. And, to see how much Ronda has improved since WMania. I think it might be the surprise match of the night.”

Roman Reigns’ battle with leukemia:

“Roman is a very special person. He was the leader, but never acted like he was. He loved to interact with EVERYONE. He wanted feedback on his matches and would give advice to others about their matches. Roman is, was and always will be “the guy”. I’m confident he will beat this, and will be back sooner than later.”