Kurt Angle Retired For Good?, Matt Riddle Talks Main Roster Matches

– During a Facebook Q&A, Kurt Angle addressed his retirement from wrestling:

“I don’t see any scenario that would force me to come out of retirement, I plan on staying retired. You need to give Goldberg and Undertaker credit for getting in there and doing what they did. Both are big guys and ‘power’ wrestlers. I believe they both still have the ability to wrestle again if given the right opponents. I believe they both would have great matches with smaller wrestlers. Especially at their age. That’s my opinion.”

– In an interview with RondaRousey.com, Matt Riddle commented on possible opponents on the WWE main roster:

“Well, I mean, there’s so many people. But I would say, Cesaro’s been up there. His athleticism and style, you know, [basically] that’s what I’m into. And then like an AJ Styles, Andrade, Finn Balor—I mean, the list goes on. The main roster has a ton of talent. But it’s just a matter of getting the opportunity and the right amount of time. You know how it goes.”