Kurt Angle Tweets On Being Sober For Seven Years

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is celebrating 7 years of sobriety today. The Olympic Gold Medalist has been public about his issues with painkillers and alcohol over the years. He noted on Twitter that he’s celebrating the sobriety milestone with a glass of milk, and thanked his supporters for not giving up on him.

“Celebrating 7 years of sobriety today,” Angle wrote. “To all of you who supported me and stood by me, through good and bad, I want to thank you for not giving up on me. Salute! (With a glass of milk in my You Suck cup). #sobriety #addictionsucks #yourenotalone #recovery”

The 7 year milestone goes back to when Angle took a hiatus from TNA on August 2, 2013. He was charged with DWI in Texas that day, and immediately entered rehab for drug & alcohol use.