Kyle O’Reilly Speaks Out On His Transition From WWE NXT To AEW

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Kyle O’Reilly talked about his transition from WWE NXT to AEW:

“So many of the guys in AEW, it was kind of like a reunion or homecoming. Guys that I went to Japan with or were in Ring of Honor with or the Independents with, and now we’re on this huge platform together. I never had the luxury of making it to the main roster, so I didn’t really get that experience. So coming over here, it feels like I’m having that main roster run now because it’s a major show. It’s huge. I’m traveling to a different city every week. It feels now like I’m in the big leagues. Even though I was in WWE, I was still part of NXT, which had an amazing run and was awesome, and I loved my time there. But now I just feel a little more comfortable, I guess, just a little more at home, which is weird saying that because I’m still so new here. But yeah, I’m pleased to have made this jump.”