Lance Archer On If Sting Can Contribute To AEW, Talks Mike Tyson Working With AEW

Lance Archer was recently interviewed by Inside the Ropes and spoke about several professional wrestling topics. Here are the highlights:

If he thinks Sting can still contribute if he joins AEW: Absolutely, we’re sitting here talking about Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, and the contribution he’s presenting to AEW and to myself and things like that. So you’re talking about Sting who, he in reality, he could probably still step in the ring if he wanted to.

You got guys like the Undertaker still getting in there and producing at extremely high levels so there is no reason that Sting couldn’t do the same. He’s obviously an icon in this business and somebody who can help lead a talent somewhere they need to go, kind of like what Jake is doing now.

There’s so many ways a guy like Sting can be beneficial to the wrestlers and to the show and to everything because I think he’s one of those guys that, like I said, is iconic to the business, and there is no reason, if it’s available, to possibly not have him if he wants to be part of it and AEW wants him to be part of it. Who knows what the future is, who knows exactly what he wants to do. It was kind of cool to get a nod from him on Twitter.

Mike Tyson working with AEW: Mike’s a huge wrestling fan. I kind of found out like everybody else, when they announced it. It’s one of those things, there’s always surprises in this business for the fans and even for the wrestlers sometimes, and it was a cool surprise to hear that ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, who is an absolute legend in the boxing community, probably one of the most dominant boxers to ever, ever step in the ring, and you know recently, he put out that video of him training, just showing, even at his age, just how damn scary he is, that he could probably step in the ring with just about any boxer and give them a run for their money, especially in that first 90 seconds which he was very famous for.