Lance Archer Set For Independent Appearance This Saturday

All Elite Wrestling superstar, Lance Archer is set for a rare independent appearence this Saturday for the Renegade Wrestling Alliance, the blue collar organization, based in West Newton, Pennsylvania.

“The Murder Hawk Monster” appearence for the promotion is the latest in a series of guest stars this year that have made the company a place to watch among the Pittsburgh circuit. Gangrel, Tommy Dreamer, and The Sandman have all made their way through the doors of the West Newton gym in 2024.

“This is huge and exciting for RWA, our company for 15 years has strived to entertain and make a great product for the fans. Archer is a huge addition to what we already have in our locker room,” said Doc Daugherty, the lead play-by-play announcer for the organization.

Archer, who inked a contract with All Elite Wrestling in early-2020, has nearly 25 years of experience, working for every major promotion of the modern era during his accomplished career. Some might recall during the formative years of NWA-TNA, the youngster known as Dallas was aligned with one of the early X-Division stars, Kid Kash. He worked in another tag team role alongside the late Jimmy Rave years later in TNA before he had a nearly two-year stint in the WWE.

“Bringing in an AEW star like Lance archer to RWA and having a matchup against one of the most unpredictable and best big men on the Indies today in the Beastman, makes this a main event that could be featured anywhere in the country. RWA is very excited to present a match of this caliber,” said Quinn Magnum, a former ring veteran with more than 25 years of experience that has worked behind the scenes as a head organizer for the past several years for a variety of promotions.

It was after he gained experience in the United States that Archer truly found himself on the other side of the world when he landed in New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2011. He joined the Suzuki gun faction alongside the legendary Minoru Suzuki, and stacked up several career highlights during his nine-year run in the country, with two tenures in New Japan, and even a stint in Pro Wrestling NOAH during that time. Among his many accomplishments during that stage of his career were two reigns as the GHC Tag Team champions and three reigns as IWGP Tag Team champions with his longtime tag partner Davey Boy Smith Jr. across the two organizations. He found success in the singles division as well, winning the IWGP United States championship in 2019.

Archer’s remarkable athleticism for a wrestler his size always kept him in the conversation of the major leagues, and given his extensive resume in Japan, it was no surprise that he was offered a deal with All Elite Wrestling in early-2020. Considering that the company had just launched full-time a few months earlier, the addition of Lance Archer to the roster brought more depth to the company. Since that time, he has continued to appear on television and pay-per-view for AEW, as well as matches for Ring Of Honor, which is a project under the All Elite banner.

Taking into account the demands of the schedule of a full-time national contract, Archer’s appearances for the independent circuit can be sparse, but thanks to Norm Connors, regarded by many as the godfather of the Pittsburgh scene, he will bring the Murder Hawk Monster with him to the West Newton gym in the continuing rivalry the former promoter has with the villainous J-Rocc and Chris Taylor, two longtime pros of the tri-state area. The notorious J-Rocc enlisted the help of the equally shady Tony Kincaid, often a member of the broadcast team, but current manager of the massive Beastman. J-Rocc has paid Kincaid well to have his mammoth client take on Archer.

“While Lance Archer and I have never worked together, we share mutual friends during his time with AEW, and prior to that, TNA. I consider it a high honor to have the chance to work with a talent of his caliber, and am grateful he’ll be appearing for the fans of Western Pennsylvania,” commented Connors.

“Lance Archer is a staple and a measuring stick when it comes to professional wrestling. The man has a resume and a career that many strive for. Archer will have his hands full, not only with the brute strength of the Beastman, but also the tactics of manager Tony Kincaid,” added Daugherty.

A true Godzilla vs. King Kong showdown seems to be set for this weekend at the RWA gym.

Beastman, a 350 LBS brute, has made his name over the course of an 18-year career, emerging from obscurity to become one of the true forces in independent wrestling over the past several years. His remarkable agility for such a big man sets him apart from many on the scene. He has zigzagged across several states in recent years, which led to Kincaid signing him to a contract to appear for RWA regularly as a spectacle of a performer. Beastman has left an impact across Tennessee, Florida, West Virginia, and will be in West Newton for the Renegade Wrestling Alliance this weekend. Kincaid knows that a lot of cash and bragging rights on are the line if he can manage his client to victory against an AEW superstar.

“Look, Lance Archer is destruction personified. Look at the guy, he beat some of the best in our business to a pulp. But, those were just normal men, not beasts. Beastman is another force entirely. He doesn’t feel fear, he doesn’t feel stress, and he just destroys. That’s what’s going to happen Saturday,” Kincaid said frantically when he was reached via phone.

As mentioned, with as busy as Archer is as a national talent with the schedule of national television tapings, this showdown with The Beastman allows for a rare chance to see him on the independent circuit. The RWA has built itself a rabid and dedicated fan base over the course of its 15-year existence so many pundits of the local scene are anticipating an electric atmosphere when the two big men collide for the special attraction bout this Saturday. A full night of action is scheduled with many local standouts ready to compete on the card alongside the All Elite star. The Gambino Brothers square off with The Runway, Shadow Man Eli continues his rivalry with Gianni Emricko, “The Rev” Ron Hunt will collide with Mike Law, and other bouts will complete the full line-up for the event.

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