Lance Storm Gives His Thoughts On Jeff Hardy’s Latest DUI Arrest

Lance Storm recently appeared as a guest on Figure Four Daily for an in-depth interview covering a wide range of current pro wrestling related topics.

During the appearance, Storm spoke about Jeff Hardy’s latest DUI arrest, his third in 10 years, and his thoughts on battling addiction in general.

Featured below is an excerpt from the interview where he shares his thoughts.

“This isn’t just with Jeff, but I think one of the cruxes of the problem is anyone I know who has battled addiction, whether it be alcohol or drugs, the key to overcoming it in most cases is getting away from the lifestyle, the cycle, and the habits you had while you were intoxicated.”

“Scott Hall is a great example of this. He gets away from wrestling and often gets help from DDP, gets away from wrestling, gets sobered up and cleaned up, and then he takes bookings, gets back on the road, and falls off the wagon again. The continued cycle of going to rehab and then going back on the road also leads to another thing.”

“He (Jeff Hardy) is really hurting, he is really banged up, and he is doing swantons on the steel stairs. He continues to get booked in dangerous matches and a willingness to do stunt matches. We also have a decades-long history of injuries of guys being all beat up in pro wrestling that leads to self medication. That’s something that needs to be addressed because there are a lot of people working really hurt, and this is in every company, there are stunt matches on every show with guys that are getting hurt, and then we have people with substance issues. It is a scary combination.”

Check out the complete interview at H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.