Lars Sullivan May Be Returning Soon

Last November, WWE began airing vignettes hyping the arrival of Lars Sullivan to the main roster. Sullivan was slated to work a dark match at Raw on January 7 in Orlando, Florida, but he reportedly had an anxiety attack upon arriving at the Amway Center and left the premises. WWE then rescheduled his dark match for the following night at SmackDown LIVE in Jacksonville, Florida, but he flew home to Colorado before the show. Sullivan hasn’t been at a WWE event since.

In an update on the situation, it looks like Sullivan will return to action soon. On Saturday, Meltzer responded to a fan question asking if Sullivan will back. He wrote, “I think he’ll be back soon. They are in communication.”

This comes after Meltzer said earlier in the week that there was no change in Sullivan’s status.

Meltzer then said Saturday night on Wrestling Observer Radio that John Cena will be competing at WrestleMania 35, but his opponent is being kept secret. Meltzer said it’s possible WWE will set up a program with Sullivan and Cena at the event.

“I don’t think they’re gonna do a match with Lars, but I wouldn’t be surprised if John Cena beats somebody and Lars shows up and destroys him,” Meltzer said.

“I mean, it’s possible. It may be a little early for Lars, but just the way Triple H talked when he was asked about Lars and other things I’ve heard. Lars, I’m thinking is coming back fairly soon. I don’t know that’s 100 percent, but it’s certainly leaning in that direction. I can say for sure it’s leaning that direction and Triple H kinda sorta hinted that, as well.”

During a conference call for NXT TakeOver: New York last Thursday, Triple H said the following on Sullivan when asked about him: “I think that is one of those situations where I say you have to wait and see. There’s much more to come.”

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet reported on March 7 that Sullivan is “in a good place” after seeking professional help for what was described as a “mental health incident.”

People close to Sullivan say he immediately began seeking help from mental health professionals and WWE has been incredibly accommodating the whole time. He was said to be feeling better after being out of the spotlight and happy for the wrestlers that got promoted from NXT to the main roster. also reported that Vince McMahon is behind giving Sullivan a big push if and when he does return to action.