Latest Details Regarding Jimmy Uso’s DUI Arrest has provided some new details about the arrest of Jimmy Uso on Thursday morning via the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office:

– At 1:30 AM a deputy was dispatched out the area of Pine Forest and Nine Mile Road in reference to a possible DUI complaint.

– The deputy was advised by an off-duty officer that a vehicle was traveling westbound on Interstate 10 in an excess of a 100 mph – drifting from left to right and going out of its lane.

– The deputy verified the vehicle’s speed at 86 mph by his front radar antenna. The speed limit was 45 mph.

– According to the report, Uso appeared to have some issues holding documents in his hands after the officer asked for his license, registration, and proof of insurance.

– The deputy observed that Uso appeared to have bloodshot, watery, droopy eyelids, and dilated pupils, along with slow and slurred speech.

– The deputy said he could smell an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver side window.

– Uso allegedly had to be told several times to get out of the car.

– The reports states that Uso began asking if he needed a lawyer and if he was being detained. Uso allegedly took his phone from his pocket and attempted to put his phone towards the deputy’s face.

– When arrested, Uso allegedly began to become uncooperative and had to be told numerous times to have a seat in the patrol car.