Latest Details Regarding NXT Moving To USA Network

The current belief is that WWE will be announcing NXT’s move to the USA Network on tonight’s edition of RAW. Bryan Alvarez of provided some details and insight regarding the announcement:

“The fact that they’e doing it [tonight] probably tells me that they already have a start date and the start date is probably going to be before AEW starts on TNT.”

“So, we’re all gonna know during RAW, but the fact of the matter is it looks to be NXT two hours on the USA Network.”

“Now, based on other things that we were told, I think — now Dave [Meltzer] does not believe this — but I think they’re going to be doing an every other week schedule. I think they’re going to be going live and the following week taped, they’ll go live and the following week taped. Now, if they do taped shows and they get obliterated or they get beaten by AEW they’ll be going live every week.”

“Hunter told people things that gave me the impression that they’re going to be going live every other week and taping right after the live show or something like that.”

“You’re gonna get Vince McMahon’s NXT. There’s gonna be main roster guys on NXT, there’s gonna be the USA Network cross-over. I mean, what do you think’s gonna happen on USA Network when RAW Superstars and SmackDown Superstars are facing off against the NXT stars? I mean, who do you think’s winning those matches? I mean this is gonna be totally different, I mean everything’s different. Everything’s changing and it’s sad.”

“This war… this is a war, don’t get me wrong, but in 1995 Eric Bischoff, he fired the first shot. He wanted Nitro against RAW and he wanted a war and we’re talking about Vince McMahon here, he wanted a war.”

“Now this is a wrestling war, but this is different. I’m gonna tell you why it’s different. I have talked to people in AEW, I have talked to people in WWE… and yes, Nick Jackson sent out a tweet a little while ago saying ‘Bring it on.’ They’re ready for this, they’re ready for a war they know what they’re getting into.”

“The reality is that there’s one guy who’s all gung-ho crazy about having a war and it ain’t Tony Khan, it’s not Chris Jericho, it’s not Cody, it’s not The Bucks, it’s not Triple H — it’s Vince.”

“I have heard from people on both sides — this is not just the AEW side, this is the WWE side as well. These people are like, ‘Really?’ Do you know how much this sucks to be in WWE and to be a production person?”