Latest Details Regarding Sasha Banks – WWE Situation

Mike Johnson of commented on Sasha Banks’ status with WWE:

“There is a reason why she is so unpopular in the locker room at times. The general consensus of numerous people I have spoken to in the company was she wasn’t thrilled about her and Bayley being split up and she was even less thrilled about losing the tag titles feeling that they should have had a longer run to establish them and instead of kind of keeping it to herself and she probably made it too obvious which allowed anybody who didn’t like her or politically wasn’t a fan to use that against her. That led to her kind of taking a sabbatical.”

“Whether she was sent home or she decided to go home under her own accord that story has changed based on the person I have spoken to and the company is basically gonna let her cool off and bring her back as long as she wants to come back.”

“So she’s under contract. She can’t walk out. She could ask for her release, it doesn’t mean that she’s gonna get one, but it’s still up in the air in terms of where she’ll be when she returned.”