Latest From The WWE Smackdown Hacker Account

The WWE SmackDown mystery hacker took to Twitter this evening and posted a new teaser. As seen in the quick black & white video below, the shadowy figure tweeted a clip of the Queen being moved in a game of chess. The video was captioned with, “Actions Have Consequences.”

The mystery man also changed its GPS location on Twitter. The new coordinates come out to the corner of Kingston Avenue and Crown Street in New York City – 40°39’55.8″N 73°56’34.1″W. The account also has a new Twitter bio that reads like this: “001200270090” For what it’s worth, 12/27/1990 is the birth date of Zelina Vega and the address above is in Queens, NYC, where she is from.

This new teaser comes after the mystery man posted a new cryptic promo on May 10. That video, which you can also see below, was re-played during Friday’s SmackDown on FOX episode. For those who missed it, that video opened with the shadowy figure saying “they” want to know who he is. He said he is everywhere, he sees everyone, he hears everything. He is the truth and no one is safe. He then pressed a button on his control panel and we saw various Superstars appear on his screens.

There’s still no word yet on who will be revealed as the person or people behind the cryptic messages. Stay tuned for updates on the mystery man and his cryptic promos. You can see the most recent tweets below: