Latest News On AEW Video Game, Cody Rhodes On Why Non-Wrestling Fans Should Watch

During a Q&A with, Cody Rhodes commented on the development of an AEW video game:

“I’ll give the honest update: the AEW video game will be something all fans know about as we begin the process and as we move forward. If we were to make a very good game, which is our intention, it’s going to take time. Game development is arduous, it’s a very creative space, and we want to do it right. We will keep people updated, it won’t come as a surprise, we want them to take the journey with us. Be extra patient so we can deliver.”

Cody Rhodes also commented on why people that aren’t fans should watch wrestling:

“If you’ve never seen wrestling, the thing I’d tell you is, wrestling always has a payoff. In a world of sports that sometimes you fall in love with an individual…and your hopes are dashed…wrestling is still the prominent leader in building characters good or bad. There’s always a payoff, your time isn’t wasted…this is a very hopeless period of time, and a very cynical generation, but man it’s nice to have a little hope, levity and light, and I think wrestling brings that forward.”