Latest News On AJ Styles’ Injury, Bad News For WWE SmackDown

– This week’s post-Wrestlemania 35 edition of Smackdown Live did 2.141 million viewers. Last year’s post-Wrestlemania 34 edition did 2.952 million viewers which means this year’s edition had around a 27% year-to-year drop in viewership. The decline in viewership percentage was similar to this week’s RAW year-to-year drop.

– According to, the belief is that AJ Styles suffered his hip-related injury at Wrestlemania 35 when he hit the phenomenal forearm to the outside of the ring. Styles was evaluated yesterday but an official diagnosis has not yet been confirmed.

According to Twitter account @AJstylesgoatP1, AJ Styles mentioned on a recent gaming stream that it was actually the superplex from Orton that caused the injury. Styles also apparently said that nothing was broken and only soft tissue bruising.