Latest News On Jeff Hardy’s WWE Status, Will Corey Graves Be Punished?

Mike Johnson of noted the following regarding Jeff Hardy’s status with WWE:

“Jeff Hardy’s deal is that it’s frozen cause he’s hurt. So, they’ve tacked time on so why would they fire him when they can hold him even longer? As we know Jeff is in the middle of another legal quandary. I can tell you from a source very close to the situation that WWE strongly implored Jeff to address his health and we’re told that Jeff is doing that and really aggressively dove right into it.”

“So, you can’t fire the guy when he’s doing what you ask him to do. We’ll see what happens when he goes to court.”

Johnson also commented on if Corey Graves will be punished for what he said about Mauro Ranallo’s commentary:

“I was told this week when all of that went down that nothing is going to happen to Corey Graves. Vince loves Corey Graves. So Vince does love him, I don’t know why, but he loves him.”