Latest News On Jinder Mahal’s Next Feud, Samoa Joe Gets High Praise

– With John Cena making his return to WWE television on the July 4th Smackdown Live, there is speculation that Cena will be Jinder Mahal’s next opponent after Randy Orton. With the storyline of Cena chasing his 17th world title, there is talk that the two will face each other at Battleground, Summerslam, or both events.

– On his recent podcast, Eric Bischoff gave high praise to Samoa Joe and also appears to have taken an indirect jab at Vince Russo (using the “bro” phrase that Russo is known for):

“Love it, Joe is one of the coolest people I know. I saw Joe at WrestleMania a couple months ago and I just couldn’t be happier, that’s all, I couldn’t be happier. It warms my heart in such a great way. He’s such a good guy and such a talented guy, he’s stuck it out and put up with so much crap. People saying: ‘Bro! You’re too fat, bro! You’ll never get over, bro!’ He’s emerged, he took all the criticism. He’s an amazing talent and, God, I just wish him the best.”