Latest News On John Cena and Nikki Bella Breakup

In an interview with People Magazine, Nikki Bella commented on her current situation with former boyfriend John Cena:

“He’s known every date I’ve been on. I have so much respect for him and this breakup, it didn’t end bad. We didn’t do bad things to each other. He’s still close with my family. Anything I knew that was coming out, anything that I’ve done, I’ve let him know because I don’t want him to be hurt by it, or shocked by it. And I know that’s things I don’t have to do but that’s just who I am.”

“The one thing is, John’s never been a jealous man. Like that’s one bone he doesn’t have, which I’m like, you’re so rare.”

“I have a jealous bone but I’ve done very well with that, I think,” Nikki said. “This is the thing, over the years I’ve gotten a lot better. I did some therapy for it.”