Latest News On Road Dogg – WWE and Drew McIntyre Leaving SmackDown Main Event

– As previously noted, Brian James aka Road Dogg is no longer a co-head writer for Smackdown Live.

According to, James will not be leaving the company and noted the following:

“Sources tell us it was a mutual decision to change Brian’s position with the impending move to Fox on the horizon, and not necessarily him ‘stepping down.’ We’re told WWE wants to keep his position flexible at this time and use him as a utility player, so they can see where he’d fit best going forward.”

– confirmed a previous report that Drew McIntyre was not injured at Smackdown Live and it was planned for him to leave during the commercial break. PWI noted that time was cut from the match and added that the original plan the show was for Kofi Kingston to face McIntyre in a singles match.