Latest News On Rumors Of Maryse Leaving WWE

As seen this past Monday night on Raw, WWE appears to be splitting The Miz and Maryse so that the Intercontinental Champion can be paired with two new allies in Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.

After what happened on Raw, this has fans wondering if Maryse is splitting from The Miz for good and leaving WWE.

There have been some reports attributing the split to Mike and Maria Kanellis debuting on SmackDown LIVE. This rumor stems from some comments made by Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio after Raw. It should be noted that it wasn’t clear if Meltzer was speculating about the split or was stating it as fact.

“The end result is that they’re doing Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas as Miz’s new entourage and they’re dumping Maryse, I guess with the idea that because they’ve got Maria and Mike Bennett on the other brand, they don’t want another husband and wife team or something?” Meltzer said.

When asked if Maryse was finished with WWE, Meltzer said, “It looks like it.”

Meltzer, however, appears to be wrong on Maryse’s WWE status.

Julie Youngberg‏, who works for WWE as a costume designer and seamstress, was asked Tuesday on Twitter if she’s working on any new gear for Maryse and she said yes.

In this tweet, Youngberg revealed that Maryse will have new gear at the next pay-per-view — WWE Great Balls of Fire — and “something even more awesome” for SummerSlam.