Latest News On Sasha Banks and Bayley Reportedly Being Unhappy With WWE

Dave Meltzer of addressed Bayley moving to Smackdown Live and the talk of Bayley also being unhappy with WWE in addition to Sasha Banks:

“So the Bayley thing — that had to do with the Sasha Banks/Bayley stuff being very unhappy. It was not only that they found out that they were losing the championship that they found out on [WrestleMania] Sunday, but they were told that they were splitting up the team.”

Brad Shepard of the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast commented on Sasha allegedly expressing her unhappiness during Wrestlemania weekend:

“At the time I was also told she was threatening to walk out of the company at any given moment and most of the women in the locker room at the time believed she was bluffing.”

“A second source called her actions really childish and accused her of being a mark who is not able to see the bigger picture.”

“Vince McMahon told those working as a catalyst between the two that while they love and appreciate Sasha no one is going to kiss her ass. She was promised however that things would get better.”

“She has apparently influenced Bayley to act like this as well which indicates that it’s a bad situation.”