Latest News On The WWE Careers of The Undertaker and Ric Flair

– There has been speculation about The Undertaker wrestling one more match at Survivor Series since the event will take place on the exact 30th anniversary of his WWE debut.

It’s expected that Undertaker will be making an announcement regarding his in-ring future at the end of the Last Ride documentary series.

If there are any plans for Undertaker to wrestle again, WWE is reportedly doing everything possible to keep it a secret with’s Paul Davis noting the following:

“Whatever he is going to say will not be spoiled on the internet. None of us know if he’s done. Other than his wife, I think the only person who would know would be Vince.”

– As previously reported, Ric Flair revealed on Twitter that he signed a new contract with WWE.

While no other details were provided, it’s believed that Flair signed a multi-year deal.

Flair’s previous contract reportedly expired in December and there was some doubt that WWE would keep Flair around due to the recent budget cuts.