Latest News On What Was Said During WWE Backstage Meeting

Despite being called out by Seth Rollins over his reporting, Dave Meltzer provided further details about what he was told regarding the WWE backstage meeting on Monday prior to RAW:

“So Vince called a meeting at 3:00 PM in New York. Only the RAW crew was there and nobody said anything basically you know, for the most part.”

“So this is the way I was told it was explained. It was explained that nothing is wrong. Everything’s fine. You know, it was mechanical problems and that’s it. There’s nothing more to say, just mechanical problems. I know people who are so vehement that’s not true to me after the meeting and ever since that was originally said.”

“That is the story. It’s what they told the guys. I think the guys that don’t believe it were real mad and the guys who were willing to accept it, accepted it.”

“[Vince McMahon] said — now I was told that the reason the television show didn’t air was because of a technical issue. Vince told the talent that the reason — we’re talking about Crown Jewel not airing live in Saudi Arabia, it aired on about a 45 minute delay — Vince told the talent that that was a decision made by Saudi Arabia to delay it by 40 minutes. That’s what he said in the meeting.”

“They asked for questions if anyone had questions and nobody had questions. Randy Orton sorta said something — he basically tried to make a joke. Rusev actually did say something, but he didn’t ask any questions. Seth talked, but I guess he’s really mad at me over that.”