Latest News On WWE Releases and How Two People Reportedly Acted Beforehand

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of discussed the WWE releases and how two people had reportedly acted beforehand:

“There are a couple of people that got cut, and I heard this from two different people. One person was pouting that they weren’t at Wrestlemania, that did not help them, and another person had complained about their booking. When you’re marginal talent that’s not being used, then you complain about it, that didn’t help their cause.”

Meltzer also commented more on Samoa Joe’s release and how WWE might have done things differently if the company had known about AEW Dynamite’s viewership sooner…

“They cut [Samoa Joe] on Thursday morning, not Thursday afternoon or Thursday night. Things changed greatly in that couple of hours. The mentality was very different Thursday morning over Thursday night, very different. So, you know if he can get cleared, there’s a lot of stuff he can do right now. It’s a good period for him and there are a lot of places that would want him.”

In his newsletter, Meltzer also reported that there could be releases from the NXT brand although nothing has been officially announced as of Sunday afternoon.