Latest News Regarding Eric Bischoff’s Status With WWE

While Eric Bischoff was not in attendance for RAW or Smackdown this week, it’s believed that Bischoff started his new job with WWE on Wednesday. While Bischoff is said to be in charge of the brand, Dave Meltzer of noted that “right now those in creative were told that he will most likely not be involved with the creative process and that it looks like his job will be to interface with all of the departments in the company as well as with FOX.”

Bischoff noted during his latest podcast recording on Tuesday night that he’ll be at the television tapings next week:

“Well, I’m actually watching Smackdown as we speak. I’m boning up, I’m doing my research and getting familiar … I’m going into the office tomorrow, I’m kind of getting oriented, and starting the process and kicking it off Monday and Tuesday next week.”