Latest News Regarding Mike and Maria Kanellis Possibly Leaving WWE

Dave Meltzer of commented on the Mike/Maria Kanellis story and noted how he also heard that they asked to be released:

“Yeah, the story’s not wrong, but it was several weeks ago. I think from what I understand they asked to give notice and they were turned down so they’re gonna work there. You know there’s another one. They were really good in TNA, Mike in some facets and Maria especially was really good in TNA.”

“There’s only so many people who are getting pushed. Before the mentality was just take the money, but right now there’s a lot of people.”

Meltzer also commented on The Revival and how they’ve possibly been planning to leave for awhile now:

“So they purchased the trademark of Forever The Revival (#FTR) which is interesting because #FTR was the Young Bucks’ thing. I think it’s not a secret everyone in the world knows, it doesn’t take a genius to know that they would probably love to go to AEW and work with the Young Bucks because they know they’ll get to have their twenty-minute matches that they don’t have in WWE. Not because they don’t have the talent to do it because obviously, they’ve got the talent. They have the talent with Roode and Gable, they just don’t have the time.”

“They haven’t been given their release. Their contract isn’t up until April 2020 which is a long ways away.”