Latest News Regarding The Tessa Blanchard Accusations

With accusations being made against Tessa Blanchard for using a racial slur and bullying co-workers, Blanchard did not speak with reporters during Impact Wrestling’s media event on Saturday.

Allysin Kay issued a new statement regarding Blanchard:

“It’s never the ‘right time’ to come forward. It will always be difficult. There are always reasons not to. But there is no statute of limitations on someone’s pain. So many people bury their secrets for years out of fear; some forever. I encourage you to not stay silent forever. People have tried to deal w/ Tessa behind the scenes for years & she hasn’t changed. Denying things even happened shows you haven’t grown. So it was time for that ass to get exposed. I guarantee you she will treat everyone w/ respect now, bc people are watching that much closer. She will go down in history regardless, but it’s up to her whether she wants it to be for her talent, or if she wants to be the next Moolah.”

Meanwhile, indy promotion Heavy Metal Wrestling has pulled Blanchard from their upcoming event.