Latest News Regarding Tyson Fury Doing A Match With WWE

Dave Meltzer of discussed Tyson Fury’s upcoming match against Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel and how Fury tried to get with WWE in the past:

“Tyson Fury for now is a one-match thing. He’s got a fight in February so they asked Tyson Fury and he said, ‘Hey you know what? I don’t have a fight until February, I’ve got some time.’ He’s been in the Performance Center training every day. He’s really, you know, he’s really gung-ho he’s not going to go in there to embarrass himself. You know I mean, I’m not saying he’s gonna have a great match, but he’s working very hard at it.”

“Several years ago Tyson Fury approached them, and I don’t know what happened, it just didn’t work out. Then very recently they approached Tyson Fury.”

“One of the things I heard is The Prince [in Saudi Arabia] — look, The Prince wants Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia. I don’t know that they’re getting extra money to bring in Tyson Fury, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.”