Latest on Possible Backstage Heat on CM Punk in AEW

As previously reported, “nobody knew” CM Punk would call out “Hangman” Adam Page for an AEW world title rematch at Dynamite on August 17th, 2022. It’s possible that CM Punk calling out Page was a “receipt” for something Page said in a promo prior to the 2022 Double or Nothing PPV.

According to a source, Page did not come to the ring in response to CM Punk’s challenge.

“Even if he was aware of it, what would he have done? Charged to the ring past Tony (Khan)? Interrupted a promo he knew he wasn’t supposed to be a part of? There was no way Hangman could have ‘won’ in that situation.”

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez of noted that there are “no plans” for a CM Punk vs. Page match. Alvarez also said the following:

“There were a few people furious at CM Punk backstage, because Hangman is a well-liked guy. So they’re mad at Punk. Also, you have people who are on Punk’s side who say Hangman started this, so they’re mad that you’re mad at CM Punk. I know this is pro wrestling, and we have the MJF deal, but I was told that it’s not. It was started when Hangman was unprofessional, and CM Punk followed that up by making Hangman look like a fool.”