Latest News On The Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre Feud

This week’s RAW episode saw WWE move closer to a title match between Bobby Lashley and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

RAW saw MVP interrupt a backstage interview with Lashley and Charly Caruso, encouraging Lashley to quit wasting time on “clowns” like R-Truth and go for the WWE Title. MVP ended the promo by asking when Lashley will free himself. Lashley then went to the ring and destroyed Truth in singles action. MVP appeared on the stage after that match and applauded Lashley. The camera then cut backstage to Lashley’s storyline wife Lana throwing a tantrum. Lashley later appeared with MVP on the stage to watch the non-title main event, which saw McIntyre defeat King Baron Corbin. Lashley issued a warning before the match and announced that he was putting McIntyre on notice. The two sides traded stares and taunts during the match and after the win, McIntyre yelled out about how he wants to fight Lashley and how the WWE Universe has been waiting for Lashley to step up. RAW went off the air with Lashley and MVP staring back at McIntyre.

It now looks like McIntyre will defend his title against Lashley at the WWE Backlash pay-per-view on June 14. WWE has not officially announced Lashley vs. McIntyre for Backlash. The only Backlash match announced as of this writing is Randy Orton vs. WWE Hall of Famer Edge.