Latest On WrestleMania 31 Tickets, WWE Has Memphis Wrestling Footage Removed, WWE Attendance

– There are currently around 11,000 to 12,000 WrestleMania 31 tickets that have not been sold. There are about 53,000 tickets out right now, including paid-for tickets and comps.

– For what it’s worth, WWE recently had old Memphis Wrestling footage of the Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman feud pulled from YouTube, claiming ownership of the footage. At last word, WWE did not own the Memphis Wrestling tape library but Lawler had been trying to get master tapes from the people who owned them in hopes of selling them to WWE.

– Below are recent WWE attendance figures:

* February 20th in Starke, FL for NXT drew 200 fans
* February 21st in Cocoa Beach for NXT drew 250 fans, a sellout
* February 23rd in Nashville for RAW drew 13,000 fans

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)