Latest on WWE NXT UK Releases, 15+ Names Gone, Backstage News

As previously reported, NXT:UK have been releasing talent as the day progressed. has been told the calls have been coming individually to the talent.

The full list of wrestlers who have confirmed their release now stands as:

* Amale
* Mark Andrews
* Dave Mastiff
* Millie McKenzie
* Ashton Smith
* Jack Starz
* Flash Morgan Webster
* Wild Boar

With new names:

* Sha Samuels
* Kenny Williams
* Dani Luna
* Sam Gradwell
* Nina Samuels
* Rohan Raja
* Saxton Huxley
* Amir Jordan
* Tyson T-Bone
* Trent Seven
* Sid Scala

Additionally, our sources are told that Xia Brookside has already had her release, whilst Eddie Dennis and Teoman both have dates announced for WWE-partnered PROGRESS Wrestling and wXw Germany respectively.  All three, as well as Trent Seven and Sid Scala, have been moved to the Alumni section of the WWE website.

Tyson T-Bone, as with Dave Mastiff, both posted very vague updates but we have included them on the lists for now.

Other NXT:UK officials, announcers and referees have posted messages on social media, but mostly contain photos and none have specifically said their employment has ended.

Stay tuned to for more.