Latest Reports Regarding Sasha Banks and Daniel Bryan

Brad Shepard of the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast commented on possible plans for Sasha Banks:

“Sasha is scheduled to return to SmackDown Live before Money In The Bank. Whether they have something for her or not is still not clear. If they don’t have something for her it’s still possible they could give her a bit more time to cool off.”

“I am told that Jason Jordan is working as a catalyst between her and the rest of WWE management. I’m also told she has too much beef to go back to RAW this soon.”

Shepard also commented on Daniel Bryan’s injury:

”So you may have heard the report that Daniel Bryan has an injury. He hasn’t been on TV. This situation is intentionally being kept very quiet at a specific person’s request and unfortunately I can’t go into any further detail except to say that he’s injured. It’s not his head. It’s not overly serious, but it is bad enough for him to take some time off.”