Latest Speculation About The Undertaker’s WWE Future

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Dave Meltzer of discussed The Undertaker recently being advertised for Summerslam…

“Now Undertaker, there’s advertising for Toronto for Summerslam for Undertaker and Drew McIntyre. I was asked about that and just told don’t read anything into it is what I was told.”

“The one thing is the fact that they’re advertising a match also means that Undertaker’s gonna be at Summerslam which makes sense because if he’s going to do Extreme Rules he should do Summerslam and it would make sense between Undertaker and Drew McIntyre, but I was told not to read anything into it.”

Meltzer also commented on WWE’s social media accounts teasing an Undertaker vs. Sting match…

“The website people are just doing ‘website people stuff’ there’s nothing in that direction. I know people are going: ‘Are they gonna do it?’ Sting’s done. I mean the belief among everyone there is that Sting cannot get cleared nor is he going to attempt to get cleared nor do they want him to get cleared. So they’re just having their fun.”