Latest Speculation About WWE – Saudi Arabia Situation

Former WWE Spanish-language announcer Hugo Savinovich published a Facebook video and talked about the WWE travel situation in Saudi Arabia. Savinovich spoke in Spanish but Twitter user @BulletClubIta provided a rough recap of what was said:

“First thing Hugo says is that he has sources everywhere in the World, from talents to promoters etc. He says He has a contact with a Company that knows anything that happens in the World, including Saudi.

Hugo goes on to talk about SmackDown and says that Bryan should had won the NXT Title.

I’ll try my best to not f*** this up, but Hugo says that the Saudi didn’t paid Vince for What Hugo says It was 300 Million dollars and Vince got mad and told Kevin Dunn to cut Saudi’s feed.

To my understanding Hugo says that Brock went back on his own private jet.

So basically what Hugo was told It was that Vince didn’t got paid about 300 to 600 Million dollars for some shows and he got mad and told Dunn to cut Saudi’s feed. The Prince responded by holding the wrestlers plane for hours.

Hugo says he doesn’t know what is the situation between WWE and the prince.

The rest of the stream is rough to watch, because Hugo starts to talk about his wife that passed away yesterday I believe.”

Dave Meltzer of addressed what Savinovich said:

“One person in the company said WWE is trying to get video from as much talent as possible to claim the mechanical issues on the plane were the problem. Just the fact they would do this is very strange.

The big question is whether the story is true that the beginning of the show didn’t air on television in that region, which I’ve heard people say but haven’t heard from anyone in KSA aside from one tweet early in the show that was sent to me.”

Paul Davis of also commented on the speculation:

“I spoke to one wrestler who said the frustration with McMahon is that he left before the travel issues surfaced and there were rumors going around that McMahon’s money issues with the Crown Prince left them stranded.

The feeling is that McMahon should have stayed with his crew until the plane was ready to leave. Instead, McMahon and his staff were one of the first people to board their private plane. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were among the people who left early because WWE provides a private plane for Lesnar, per the terms of his contract. They would have likely now known about the issues between McMahon and the Crown Prince.”