Latest Update & News Roundup On The Issues With Extreme Rising

The Philadelphia-based Extreme Rising, after several months promoting their return to the 2300 Arena, cancelled both their Springtime Beatdown and Anniversary Show on April 25 and 26, respectively. In addition, the promotion cancelled their Pittsburgh show which was scheduled for May 3 at the Irish Centre.

This issue was brought up when Luke Hawx, one of the wrestlers scheduled for the shows, asked Steve O’Neill if the shows were still happening. Hawx said on Facebook that neither he nor Stevie Richards had received travel information and he half-jokingly, according to reports, said he was going to sell the Extreme Rising World Championship online.

O’Neill responded to Hawx’s comments, writing “I can tell you tell this. The shows will happen. Luke Hawx and Michael Manna will both get their travel –like they always do when I do shows –sometimes not til the week of at times (like before!). AND everyone can say GOODBYE TO LUKE HAWX FOR GOOD. How is that SHANE DOUGLAS PART 2? F**king a**hole posting sh** like this. YOU ARE NOT A TEAM PLAYER. YOU DONT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A CHAMPION ANYWHERE, CERTAINLY NOT IN WWE. AND if you sell the belt I WILL sue you. Dumbass.”

O’Neill then posted several more comments about the situation on his Facebook page. On April 22, the Extreme Rising Twitter and Facebook as well as O’Neill’s Facebook page were all deleted.

On April 23, the company announced on their website that all of their upcoming events for Philadelphia and Pittsburgh had been cancelled. These cancellations add to the other events that were cancelled in February and March.

No official word on Extreme Rising has been provided since.