Latest Update & News Roundup On The Issues With Hardcore Roadtrip

On Saturday April 26, Hardcore Roadtrip held their second show in London, Ontario, Canada. There were two shows, with one happening in the afternoon and one in the evening. After the show’s conclusion, the locker room came out to tell the fans that Mark Livingston, the promoter for Hardcore Roadtrip had disappeared from the event without paying the talent or making travel arrangements. Ring announcer Stephen DeAngelis asked if fans with passports could drive the wrestlers to the airport, which ended up being the case for some talents, according to reports.

The talents who worked the afternoon show had been paid and had their hotel arrangements taken care of.

Reports claim that Livingston was taken to the hospital but nobody was told about it.

No official word has been given from Livingston as of yet.

According to their website, Hardcore Roadtrip’s next event is scheduled for June 1 in Toronto at 8 p.m.