Latest Update On Chris Hero’s Status In Wrestling

Former WWE NXT star Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno) posted the following statement on the WrestlingGenius Reddit section regarding his status in wrestling:

“Hey all. Hope everyone has been hanging in there. It’s been a rough one for a litany of reasons. Money’s tight. We don’t have nearly enough personal time with friends & loved ones. And, I know most of us have dealt with, what seems to be, an inordinate amount of tragedy in just this past year. This is ‘just’ a sub for all of us self-professed wrestling nerds BUT it’s important to me that all of you know that this place can be whatever kind of community we need! If you’re feeling alone, sad, mad, bored, or just plain antsy drop a post here, and let’s get to distracting and discussing. Unless you want to discuss fantasy booking for your Indy company, then no…. ;-)

What kind of regular content would you all like here? I’m happy to do some more AMAs whether it’s about a match I’ve had or specific topics (e.g. ask me anything about tag team matches, wrestling in Japan, false finishes). I’m also happy to bring some more guests on here to chat or answer questions. I’m not expecting new threads and compelling dialogue every single day. I would like to have a handful of threads each month with no particular expiration date so that we can come back & contribute regularly. Thoughts?

Oh and, before anyone asks or infers, I am far from done wrestling. If I wanted to hang it up and coach/produce I could have a job tomorrow. I’ve turned down a number of companies in the last 6 months- not because they’ve been terrible offers or anything but because I’m just not ready. I will come back when the circumstances and situations are right. Trust me, it *kills* me to not be out there doing what I love. The time will come and when it does it will be spectacular. In the meantime, I appreciate all of your patience. Take care & stay safe!