Latest Update on Laredo Kid Following Emergency Surgery

(Photo Credit: Impact)

Laredo Kid is still in the hospital after undergoing emergency surgery to repair a ruptured intestine earlier this week, but he is doing much better.

As previously stated, Laredo underwent emergency surgery on Monday morning after suffering a ruptured intestine while defeating AAA Mega Champion El Hijo del Vikingo in the finals of the AAA Showcenter Tournament in Monterrey, Mexico on Sunday evening. He had also wrestled earlier in the evening, defeating Villano V Jr. and Toscano in a Triple Threat to advance to the non-title finals against Vikingo. Laredo’s official Instagram account announced the surgery with a hospital photo, noting that his recovery time was unknown due to the severity of what happened, but he might be out for a while. At the time, it was also reported that Laredo appeared to be in good enough shape to pose for backstage photos after the event.

Laredo updated his Instagram Stories this afternoon, noting that he has more energy today as he continues his recovery. His “intestines began to show signs of function,” but the situation is “still delicate and under observation.”

According to the translated message, doctors will wait two more days before reevaluating him and possibly getting him back on the road. Laredo also expressed gratitude to fans for their support and stated that he is attempting to respond to all messages.

Lucha Maniaks promoter Ishaan Idnani-Ramos confirmed the ruptured intestine injury to The Laredo Morning Times this week. He stated that Laredo had his last operation on Tuesday and was doing well and in stable condition as a result of the intestine rupture.

“I spoke to one of his relatives, and all I know is that right now he is OK and he is trying his best to respond to all his messages,” Idnani-Ramos said. “He is really grateful for all that have reached out and sent him positive vibes and prayers and things like that.”

TheCubsFan, a Lucha source, reported as of Wednesday, Laredo was thought to be in good shape. The situation was described as “eerie,” with current WWE Superstar Joaquin Wilde suffering a perforated small intestine after Laredo landed on him with a 450 Splash in 2017. Five years later, Laredo suffered a perforated small intestine after Vikingo landed on him with a move.

TheCubsFan also mentioned how Mamba revealed in a YouTube video that Laredo was in pain after his match with Vikingo, but he took backstage photos with fans and with the Showcase Title belt, but looked pale and like he needed to vomit. Medics at the arena urged Laredo to go to the hospital immediately by ambulance, where doctors discovered his small intestine had ruptured and Laredo was feeling ill because he was filling up with blood internally.

The next morning, Laredo underwent emergency surgery to remove the damaged portion of his small intestine, after which the remainder was reconnected.

There is no official timetable for Laredo’s return to ring action, but he has been advised to avoid any strenuous activity for at least two months, and it could be much longer.

Impact Wrestling issued a statement on their official website wishing Laredo a speedy recovery.

“Our thoughts are with Laredo Kid following his recent surgery as everybody at IMPACT Wrestling wishes him a speedy recovery,” the statement read.

AAA also issued a statement earlier this week. “At the end of our event Campeonato Showcenter on October 23, 2022, Laredo Kid was attended to by medical personnel upon presenting severe abdominal pain. He was taken to a nearby hospital to be looked at and to find a diagnosis. After midnight on Monday, October 24, he underwent surgery with positive results. He is currently stable and under medical supervision. We will continue to provide updated information as we receive it from his doctors.”

Laredo worked the recent Impact TV tapings in the tournament to crown a new X-Division Champion. His first round fight with Black Taurus will take place tonight on Before The Impact, which airs at 7:15pm ET on YouTube, Facebook, and Impact Plus.

Laredo was scheduled to compete in AAA’s next show in the United States on Saturday, December 3, from Tempe, Arizona, but his status for that event is now uncertain, and he is unlikely to return to the ring anytime soon.

Below is video of the spot where Laredo was injured, as well as the original Instagram posts from earlier this week and the AAA statement: