Latest Update On WWE Possibly Selling Their PPV Rights

As previously noted, Vince McMahon talked about how WWE is in talks with various streaming outlets about purchasing the rights to the company’s PPV content during Thursday’s WWE investor conference call.

Dave Meltzer of discussed the possibility of WWE selling their PPV rights to a streaming service:

“The idea of selling WWE pay-per-view rights to another streaming service, essentially what UFC did with ESPN. You know, obviously Vince saw that deal and he’s like they got $200 million guaranteed and now they don’t even have to sell pay-per-view. They don’t even have to sell a Network. They just get the money guaranteed and I’m sure Vince was like, ‘Bellator got all this money’ — to Vince the Bellator money wasn’t big, but for Bellator it was huge. I think he saw that Canelo Álvarez got $360 million and it’s like these people are willing to spend this kind of money for our pay-per-view product so let’s go out there and sell it. There are plenty of people who want to start pay-per-viewing.”