Lex Luger Talks A&E Biography, State of Wrestling Following Vince McMahon’s Retirement, More

In an exclusive interview with PWMania.com, Scott Mitchell spoke with WWE Legend Lex Luger.

Luger opens up about his upcoming “Biography: WWE Legends” on A&E, his accomplishments in his illustrious career, the current state of professional wrestling, and more.

How did the WWE Legends Biography on A&E come to be? 

“I don’t know the particulars. What I believe is the Icons content we were going to do ended up moving over to A&E. It’s going to be very similar, thankfully for the fans of the Icon video. We’re all very excited about it. I haven’t seen it in its entirety yet, only bits and pieces of it. I like surprises and I can’t wait to see it.”

Be sure to watch the next installment of Biography: WWE Legends, featuring Lex Luger, exclusively on A&E at 8 PM EST this coming Sunday.

You’ve accomplished so much in your career, what went through your mind switching from pro football to pro wrestling, and everything you’ve accomplished

“It was like fourth of July fireworks for me. I almost didn’t realize how much I would skyrocket when I can. Ric Flair discovered me down in Florida, and brought me up and put me right into the Horsemen. I didn’t know the Horsemen were like the elite level group in wrestling at the time of bad guys. The rest was history. I had a main event career in the ring for like the next 15 years. I have a lot of great memories with the Horsemen, Lex Express, slamming Yokozuna, to the Monday Night Wars. Wrestling is always exciting but I was there at a very exciting time.”

With everything going on with Vince’s retirement, what is your opinion on the current state of wrestling and where it’s headed?

“I don’t think the future has ever been brighter. Social media platforms with WWE are enormous. It’s continuing to grow globally, and it grew so much from when we did it. I love it, I’m a big fan now. The athleticism of these guys, they can do stuff that only a few of us even dreamed of back when I wrestled. The women also are knocking it out of the park. A lot of them are working better than some of the men now. It’s just a great time to be a wrestling fan and a wrestler. The future is very, very bright for professional wrestling. I evolved from a wrestler to a wrestling fan now. I enjoy it.”

Would you consider going to NXT or a place like that to mentor the next generation of wrestlers?

“One of the things I do with my life now is I’m a wellness counselor. If, and when, they bring me around guys, it’s great and I’m always available to help and they know that. I’m there if ever needed for sure. I can tell them what not to do [laughs].”

Do you have any favorite memories looking back on your career and everything you’ve accomplished?

“Yeah. Some of the highlights with the horsemen and being with that elite group was a real honor and privilege. Of course, also slamming Yokozuna on July 4th at USS Intrepid was huge. The Lex Express also, and just the Monday Night Wars in general. The big world title win over Hulk Hogan live on TV which nobody predicted. The crowd went berserk in Detroit that night. Just a lot of great memories.”

Any future hopes for the world of professional wrestling or future goals?

“Just have fun. Wrestling is a lot of fun and people enjoy it. It’s an escape from reality a little bit. Just continue to do what we’re doing.”

“Biography: WWE Legends” – Lex Luger – Premiere Sunday, August 7 at 8pm ET/PT

This episode shares the story of WWE Legend Lex Luger – The Total Package. Boasting an impressive physique, Luger was given the moniker “The Narcissist” and later “The All American.” Luger found his home with the WCW, and his matches helped cement the legendary rivalry between WWE and WCW. But Luger’s winning streak came to a grinding halt with drug and alcohol abuse, jail time, and the tragic death of his girlfriend, Miss Elizabeth.