Lio Rush Invites Sasha Banks To Rap On Song On His Next Album (Video)

Lio Rush recently spoke with Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc for an in-depth interview promoting his EP “Not Alone 2.”

During the discussion, the pro wrestling veteran invited Sasha Banks to jump on a track on his next music-related project and spoke about whether or not he has ever heard “The Boss” rap before.

Additionally, Rush spoke about the similarities he has noticed in the pro wrestling and hip-hop music worlds.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview where he touches on these topics with his thoughts.

On an invitation for Sasha Banks to jump on a track: “Sasha can hop on a track for sure. The invitation is open.”

On whether or not he has ever heard “The Boss” rap: “I haven’t, but, you know, with her cousin being Snoop Dogg, I’m pretty sure there’s some talent there.”

On the similarities he notices in the worlds of pro wrestling and hip-hop music: “I think the personalities are a lot more similar than people might think. The personalities within wrestling as far as the characters and then, you know, even on the music scene. Everybody within the music scene has their niche, their branding, their image and I see the similarities between the two. We’re all trying to sell something to someone. It’s very interesting to see and to experience, and it’s comforting in a lot of ways because me being on the wrestling scene for eight years and being able to deal with things at a bit of a higher level when it comes to production and things on the business side, it’s pretty similar within music and it’s pretty cool to see and to experience.”

Watch the complete Lio Rush interview via the video embedded below courtesy of the official YouTube channel of Wrestling Inc.

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