Lio Rush Issues Statement About Internet Rumors

Lio Rush issued the following messages on social media in regarding to reports that he has major backstage heat in WWE:

“‘Heat’ is such a subjective term. Do I stand up for myself when life challenges me? Yes. Do I have opinions & not just blindly follow? Yes. Am I best friends with every single superstar? No. But… do I work hard. Am I professional & respectful?.. Am I driven and motivated to perform to the best of my ability to entertain the WWE universe? Have no bad blood with any other superstars, great working relationships with writers and producers, and respect and listen to all higher ups? ABSOLUTELY.

“I am not ‘out of the locker room.’ More dirt sheet assumptions. Many spouses and family members come to shows and are welcome backstage. Our performance schedules are not just RAW, we have 3 live shows a week, travel days, and PPVs. My wife came to share my first.. ..wrestle mania moment with me, as did many families of the WWE roster. The little time that a professional wrestler can spend with their family is rare and precious. I conduct myself professionally and respectfully and so does my wife.”

“I’m saddened that dirt sheets (recently Fightful) make assumptions, exaggerations & sometimes outright fabrications, to sell subscriptions. Gossip like this is spread without caring about the damage to people’s reputations, relationships, or careers. It honestly disgusts me.”