Lio Rush Speaks On His New Music Project & WWE Career

Former WWE Superstar Lio Rush recently spoke with Sports Illustrated to promote his new “Ever After” hip-hop album, which features 13 songs. Rush talked about what music means to him, and revealed that his wife Sarah was instrumental in his pro wrestling career and his music career.

“This music opens up the portal to my soul,” Rush said. “These are all my real experiences, and I did my best to be as vulnerable as possible. In my wrestling career, a lot has been said about me. I wanted people to see another layer of me through my music.”

He continued, “My wife, Sarah, she’s been through every part of my wrestling career with me, every step of the way. She is my biggest support system, and she’s also really talented. She helped out a lot with this album, and she came up with the concept and parts of the lyrics to ‘Ever After,’ the last song on the album. We worked on the track list together too, which was one of the most fun parts of creating the album. I hope people can follow the list as they listen to the album.”

Rush is fully-immersed in his music career right now, and is excited for wrestling fans to hear his “Black Heart” single.

“I’m really excited about the song ‘Black Heart’ for wrestling fans,” Rush said. “That’s where I think a lot of my fans will gravitate toward that song because that’s the name of a character I did on the independent scene in CZW. That name ties into the character and ties into real life, and it will be pretty cool for wrestling fans to hear.”

Rush was released back on April 15 as a part of the company-wide cuts brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The departure came after behind-the-scenes issues with officials over the past few years. Rush talked about the frustrations of dealing with pro wrestling politics.

“My experience in the WWE had some highs that I really enjoyed, but there were a lot of lows that I had to overcome,” he said. “There were also some things I didn’t morally agree with, in terms of the way things were handled. And that’s fine—different people have different experiences, and I can only speak for myself. There are a lot of good memories I can hold onto, but there are other some times that will stick with me emotionally for the rest of my life.”

Rush revealed that he plans on rapping about his WWE career on his next project.

“I’m already working on my next project,” Rush revealed. “You can definitely expect some stories to come out in music form about my career in WWE.”