Lio Rush Speaks Out On Working For AEW and NJPW

Lio Rush made an appearance on the Fightful podcast to discuss a wide range of topics.

During it, he was asked if he’s with AEW long term in addition to whether he come back under the same deal that he had as before his retirement:

“I got offered a deal initially, and like you said, things happened, things changed. The world of wrestling has changed.”

“I will say this, and this is no secret, but this is just me pointing out the obvious. I’m a lone wolf. I go where I want. I like putting things on my resume. I like working in a lot of different places. I like wrestling anybody and everybody.”

“We’ve seen that ever since I left WWE. I’ve been in AAA, MLW, AEW, and New Japan. It’s (my independence) very important for my mental stability. I never really liked being stuck in one spot, especially if I don’t have control over that. I am on a deal with AEW. I’m also on a deal with New Japan. I’m also doing my own things back at home, so it’s pretty open ended and it’s just exciting.”