Lita Reveals WWE’s Original Storyline Plans For Her Feud With Chyna

During the latest edition of WWE’s “After The Bell” podcast, Lita commented on WWE’s original plans for her storyline with Chyna in 2001, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the original plan for her program with Chyna: “When Chyna was transitioning from working with only men to starting to work with women, she went first through Ivory and the Right to Censor and into a program with me, and we had one PPV match together, and it was supposed to be a three PPV program. So intentionally, on that first match that we had, it was solid, it was OK, but we wanted to give the people just enough to go, ‘Oh, there is something here, we want to see more’ and we held back, thinking we were gonna have two more matches, but then she ended up not working there. That was the end of her time at WWE so we didn’t get our program.”