Liv Morgan “Harasses” WWE Twitter Account, Says They Don’t Want Her To Be Best Seller

RAW Superstar Liv Morgan is accused of harassing the WWE Shop and main WWE Twitter accounts all week, and she said, jokingly or not, that the company does not want her to be the top merchandise seller of this week.

WWE Shop released a new Liv Morgan Collection earlier this week, around 11am on Monday. The collection includes “Watch Me Liv” themed items – a t-shirt, hoodie and pullover sweatshirts, tank top, raglan shirt, 15 oz. mug and drawstring bag.

Liv announced the new items to her fans on Monday, after re-tweeting requests for new Liv merchandise for a few months now.

“We did it y’all ! [pleading face emoji] [black heart emoji,” she wrote. She continued in the follow-up tweet, “THE MOMENT YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR…. I finally got my very own shirt on BUY one and WATCH ME .. you know you want to [black heart emoji] [winking face emoji]”

The official WWE Shop account on Twitter posted Liv’s new t-shirt less than two hours and she re-tweeted the post.

“You guys dont know how excited I am to have my own shirt ! [weary face emoji] [woman dancing emoji],” she wrote to her fans that day. She continued, “I know not everyone likes a white T shirt, but we just wanted to do something different ! I promise you guys are gonna look so great [fire emoji] [black heart emoji] I can’t wait to see [heart eyes emoji]”

Liv then made her first post of many where she asked the official WWE Twitter account to plug her new merchandise.

“Post my shirt !! @WWE,” she wrote the same day WWE Shop released the gear.

She made a similar tweet Tuesday afternoon and then wrote on Tuesday evening, “So @WWE …. you’re not gonna post my shirt ?”

Liv continued her efforts on Wednesday afternoon and wrote, “Post my shirt !!!! @WWE”

“We are all waiting for you to post my shirt .. @WWE,” she wrote just a few hours after the first Wednesday tweet.

Morgan then took to Twitter this afternoon and made the comments on how WWE doesn’t want her to be the top merchandise mover of the week.

“WWE doesn’t want me to be the top Merch seller this week [thinking face emoji] post my shirt !!!! @WWE,” she wrote.

The main WWE Twitter account finally re-tweeted the WWE Shop plug for Liv’s merchandise shortly before 2pm this afternoon. That re-tweet came just several minutes after Liv’s tweet on WWE not wanting her to be the top seller of the week.

Liv’s constant tweets about her new merchandise has led to a bunch of criticism from fans on social media, but on the other side WWE is catching some heat from Liv’s fans.

It should be noted that while the main WWE Twitter account often re-tweets new merchandise posts by Superstars and WWE Shop, they rarely make merchandise tweets of their own, and the front page rarely features new merchandise. Liv is featured in the second slide on the WWE Shop homepage slider.

Liv’s new merchandise collection came after she and her fans on social media begged for a new drop for a while now. She received congratulatory tweets from fans earlier this week, but also from a few wrestlers, including AEW’s Joey Janela. You can see their exchange below.

You can see Liv’s related tweets below: